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jane + john /// wedding

Posted on April 2, 2013

Where do I even begin about this couple? They are seriously an inspiration and just about the sweetest most genuine two people on this planet. Saying they have a passion for running would be an understatement. Both Jane and John run professionally and met because of the sport. Jane was in a terrible hiking accident and John’s care during that time brought them closer than ever. An interview with Jane about the accident can be seen here.


John proposed to Jane on a golden September evening at Discovery Park in Seattle, WA. The evening began when instead of going to dinner  John blindfolded Jane and had her guess where he was taking her. Then John drove to the beach at Discovery Park, one of Jane’s favorite places in all of Seattle. The couple sat on a log on the beach and John gave Jane a wooden box that he had made, filled with the writing they had done together in their time dating. They decided to write for a few minutes as the sun set behind the Olympic mountains. John simply wrote “Jane, will you marry me?” on his piece of paper. After Jane had read what he wrote, John got down on one knee in the sand and showed Jane his paper and pulled out the ring that the couple had designed together. John asked Jane to be his wife and she said yes!


I am honored to have gotten to known Jane, John, and their amazing family. Thank you again for the opportunity to document your big day.

xo! C.

Coordinator: Sharon Bilbro

Officiant: Luke Morton

Venue: Pickering Barn

Videographer: Heidi Hedstrom

Florist: Melanie Benson

Caterer: Jason Wang

Dress Designer: Pronovias

Shoe Designer: R2 “Aveline”

Hair & Make-Up: Marisa Carew

Her Ring Designer: E.E Robbins

His Ring Designer: Johan Rust

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